Why choose VATECURE?

Why choose VATECURE?
Why choose VATECURE? 2019-01-25T14:48:48+00:00


  • Because very often invoices are issued incorrectly;
  • Because businesses know neither that they can recover their expenses nor how it happens;
  • Because there are specific procedures, which are tedious and often full of obstacles (e.g. requests for information from tax administrations, work with particular portals,etc.);
  • Because there are deadlines and various submission forms;
  • Due to the lack of knowledge about the right to deduction and because of speaking a different language than that of the tax administration which should recover your expenses.

Vatecure has decided to tackle the problem: it offers companies to not only recover the maximum amount of foreign VAT but also provides immediate VAT refunds thereby saving long months or even an year of waiting for the administration to grant such.

Start getting all your VAT refunded



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