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Our Story

The Vatecure group was created in 2010 against the backdrop of the newly introduced EU VAT directive with the purpose to perfect and automate the processes of document processing and submision towards the e-portals of various EU member states.

Since then, the group has continued to advance and currently, it offers innovative solutions to accelerate and optimize the process of VAT refunding for foreign companies regardless what the expenses are made for, e.g road transportation services, business trips, and all business travellers who do not recover their foreign VAT because they do not obtain properly drawn up invoices.

Many VAT refund companies outsource the management of their VAT refund cases to Vatecure for the efficiency, quality and filing capacity we offer across Europe.

Vatecure Fintech was founded in 2000 by Ivo Brabec and Petr Jandal.

Its mission was to develop a suite of products targeting the automatisation of the processes regarding document submission to the portals of 18 EU tax administrations for income tax, social security and VAT recovery purposes.

FastVAT started its activity in 2010.

FastVAT allows the refund and pre-financing of foreign VAT of road hauliers throughout Europe on diesel and toll invoices, as well as the refund of excise duties on diesel. Sébastien Schmitt, former director of Vialtis, became CEO in 2016.

Fastvat has processed more than 45,000 invoices in 5 years, with an extensive network and efficient technological support in terms of automatic claims.

FastVAT is growing rapidly in Eastern Europe.

Taxecure started in 2014.

Taxecure was created in exclusive partnership with Voxel, the world leader in electronic invoices in the hotel industry with its Bavel software, to offer a fully automated and optimized VAT recovery system on hotel invoices for business travellers.

The estimated market for VAT recovery on hotel bills in Europe is several billion euros per year, of which less than 20% is currently refunded.

Taxecure signed agreements in 2018 with Melia, Mastercard and other groups soon for the launch of its offer.

Vatecure has been operating since 2017 with new partnerships in the world of hotels, professional expenses and VAT refunds.

Our entities

The Vatecure group has several specialized companies, each specialized in its field

Automated VAT refund on the base of hotel expenses incurred in large hotel chains.

Foreign VAT pre-financing for road haulage operators on the base of diesel consumption and toll expenses, made in Europe. Excise duty refund on diesel fuel.

IT solution developing via VAT ERP aimed at the automation of the analysis, processing and filing of foreign VAT invoices.

VAT technology

Automate the VAT recovery system: Substantial reduction in processing time.

Work with e-invoice providers: e-invoices are easier to make VAT compliant; they significantly increase the percentage of recoverable and reclaimed VAT and substantially reduce processing and refund times.

VAT factoring expertise

VAT is advanced in a few days instead of several months without risk on all electronic invoices that have been processed by Vatecure or Taxecure. The technology and know-how accumulated over several decades in pre-financing VAT to reduce the risk of our investors to zero.

Our team

Vatecure is currently led by Sébastien Schmitt, its CEO, as well as a management team composed of people from the world of IT, finance and indirect taxation.

Sébastien Schmitt
Sébastien SchmittCEO
Ivo Brabec
Ivo BrabecDirector
M'barek Ouazragh
M'barek OuazraghDirector

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