How do we optimize the foreign VAT refund process?

How do we optimize the foreign VAT refund process?
How do we optimize the foreign VAT refund process? 2019-01-25T14:45:29+00:00

How ?

  • By entering into partnerships with renowned hotel chains, credit card issuers and electronic invoicing providers to obtain invoices which are correctly issued and which are compliant with the VAT refund regulations.
  • By automating the processes of communication with our partners through our IT system.
  • By providing clients with distinct information about the invoices we receive, their acceptability and processing.
  • By automating the submission of files through the e-portals of European tax administrations according to DIR 2008/9/EC thanks to our unique IT system.
  • By pre-financing the VAT, i.e. by transferring the VAT only a few days after we receive compliant invoices.

To activate the process, it is enough to register your company on our website, sign the contract form and provide the requested documents (mainly Powers of Attorney). First, we will check your company’s VAT compliancy by analysing its business activities and the nature of its trips abroad.

If found compliant, we will automatically retrieve your original invoices, issued by our partners. We will also process all other manual invoices you have if you send us their paper originals or scans via the customer interface. No fixed commission will be charged: it will depend only on the pre-financed or reimbursed amounts.

Nothing gets lost with Vatecure, we do everything to recover your optimal VAT amount and submit your applications in compliance with the procedures, introduced with the European VAT directive (Dir 2008/9/EC). All terms, explained above, apply to non-EU companies, travelling to Europe, as well; however, be aware that there are limitations in some EU countries (For more information, please contact us).

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